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Our physicians are members of the Botox Cosmetic Physician's Network.

Botox Cosmetic® is extremely popular and is the most common cosmetic procedure performed by our physicians. The actual treatment takes only a few minutes. There is no "downtime" after this almost painless procedure.

Aesthetic Dermatology Associates customizes each treatment based on an individual's unique facial characteristics.

Botox Cosmetic® relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkles of the upper face. It is used by our physicians to reduce lines between the brows (frown lines),forehead lines, and next to the eyes (crow's feet). Onset of results is typically within one week with a maximum benefit by two weeks. Results typically last for 3-4 months and can be maximized by returning for one's next treatment before the effects have fully subsided.

Botox Cosmetic®relaxes facial muscles that cause wrinkles of the upper face.  It is used by to reduce wrinkles between the brows (frown lines), forehead, and next to the eyes (crow’s feet). 

  • Onset of results: One week
  • Duration of effect: 3-4 months
  • Recovery time: None
  • Anesthesia: Ice 
  • Fee: The fee is based on the amount of medication needed to treat the area (s)